Why and how is Holi celebrated in Nepal?

Holi is one of the important festival for Hindus in Nepal . It is celebrated on the full moon day (Purnima) in the month of Falgun of Hindu luni-solar calendar (sometimes falls in the month of Chaitra of Nepal’s solar calendar). It falls in the month of March and sometimes in late February as per the Gregorian calendar. Holi is also called Fagu Purnima in Nepal. Whereas, in Terai region, it is celebrated on next day on Purnima like in India. Each region has holiday on respective day of celebration. Some areas of Terai region where there is significant population of hill people have holiday on both days. Holi is celebrated by non-Hindus as well in Nepal. Buddhists in hills and Muslims in Terai celebrate Holi with their Hindu friends. In conclusion, Holi is celebrated with great joy in Nepal.

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