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Story of a 75-year old Dhan Nani Maharjan from Panga, Kirtipur making bateko dhoop(Nepali incense)

75-year old Dhan Nani Maharjan resides in Panga, Kirtipur. She loves making productive use of time as she does not like to sit idle. Presently, she is active in planting flowers and making bateko dhoop (handmade incense) as well which is helping to generate her income source as well. Nepali incense (bateko dhoop) is made […]

“I have trained over 16,000 people !!! …” – Rajani Rai Chitrakar

45-year-old Rajani Rai Chitrakar started to work since she was 7 years old. Native from the rural part of Dhankuta, Nepal she is the eldest child of her parents. She has 6 younger siblings: 3 sisters and 3 brothers. Rajani’s mother suffered from tuberculosis pre-marriage. And apparently, post-marriage due to heavy physical work and giving […]