SYC- Support Your Country

  • Introduction:

This initiative is to connect people, to build bridges and open doors.

Many small scale entrepreneurs are operating across Nepal, producing in their own localities. In Spite of their best efforts they have been unable to connect to the markets which remain inaccessible.

Through this digital market initiative, doors will open for small scale entrepreneurs operating their local units to showcase their products in a wider market.

At the same time these products would reach those who have not been able to access these products.

These products will connect people who live in different parts of Nepal and the world , and they will get to enjoy the benefits and goodness of the products.

This digital platform will showcase the quality products in Nepal by promoting quality of life for consumers and local production.

  • Mission:
  • By building trust and connecting people : the producers and consumers, this digital platform will be expanded to include more community based products across Nepal and the rest of world.
  • Vision:
    • By accessing the global digital market, local entrepreneurs will have a higher quality of life through improvement in their economic situation by promoting their agricultural and local products.
    • Consumers will have outreach to many good quality products and also build a connection with local producers.
  • Categories:
  1. Local Organic Food

-Dry Packages



  1. Handicrafts

Marketing plan

Along with the website, the local producers will be sharing their products through social media.

Events will be held where the stalls for local producers will be kept. Events will be organized on a regular basis. Also, arrangements are being made with local restaurants in Kirtipur, for stalls to display the products.

Kirtipur Municipality is organizing a “Kosheli Ghar” event in the coming month, which will showcase the products of Kirtipur entrepreneurs from the 10 wards.

 All products will be following standardized packaging along with branding.


The 50 % of proceeds that will be generated from the sale of the products will be utilized to provide sponsorship to single mothers’ children’s education while the rest 50% will be divided amongst partners. The sponsorship to single mothers’ children will support the mothers who have experienced grief and loss and have a great role to play in their children’s lives. The sponsorship will also support the children’s mental health and well-being as well as provide strength and purpose to their mothers.

Business planning

Ms. Nani Maharjan- CEO(Administrative)

Mr. Ujwal Maharjan- Technical Head

Ms. Sabrina Maharjan- Sales and Marketing Director

Mr. Biplab Maharjan- Promotional Head