These are some of the budding entrepreneurs who are working with the products available and making contribution towards the society in the best way possible:

A. Jumla Patarasi Himalayan:

This community group hails from mountainous regions of Nepal, Jumla. It is a high altitude valley of 2480 m and this place is 830 km from Kathmandu. Due to the weather, the production is yielded once a year. Their products are very healthy, however, rarely available in the local markets of Kathmandu. The items available and the health benefits from this group are:

1. Millet (kodo) flour:

-Healthy and glowing skin

-induce organ function

-for diabetic patients to control blood sugar level.

-support good bacteria in the digestive system hence improve the digestive system.

-reduces colon cancer, as it reduces constipation.

-reduces bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol, hence preventing atherosclerosis.

-rich in potassium to support a healthy kidney.

2. Masuro daal (local humla)

-Effective remedy against weight loss.

– For diabetic patients as it controls and stabilizes blood sugar level.

– keeps the heart healthy, reducing bad cholesterol.

-Anti ageing property

-nourishes teeth and bone

-nourishes optic health

-radiating and glowing skin

3. Walnut(Dante okhar)

– keeps the heart healthy, reducing bad cholesterol as it is a good source of the plant form of omega-3 fat.

-Decreases inflammation, which is a key culprit of chronic disease

-nourishes beneficial bacteria in the gut.

-beneficial for colorectal and breast cancer.

-control appetite and weight

-anti ageing

-support good brain function.

-reduces risk of diabetes

-support male reproductive system

4. Sisnu (stinging nettle)  ko dhulo

– reduces arthritis and pain

-aids blood sugar level

-lowers BP

-reduces hay fever

5. Makhhai ko chyakhla (maize rice)

-Aids to eye health

-Augments bone health

-keeps blood sugar level in check

-treats anemia

Treats insomnia and anxiety

-Augments heart health treating hypertension

-ensures healthy pregnancy

-stimulates milk production in expecting mother

-contributes to healthy weight gain

6. Jau(barley) ko sato

-reduces risk of obesity and diabetes

-Contribute to bone health

-prevents from colorectal cancer

-reduces inflammation

7. Marsi dhan(Himalayan red rice)

-reduces respiratory disease like asthma.

– improving the circulatory system by proper oxygen supply to every cell 

-reduces risk of obesity

-new buzz of fitness and diet

8. Seto makai ko chyakhla(White sweet corn rice) 

-good hair

-Glowing skin

-improves digestive system

-Augments heart and brain

-improves function of thyroid gland

-improves immune system

-aids sexual dysfunction in man

-improve joint mobility

9. Fapar(buckwheat) ko sato

-boost heart health

-improve digestion

-weight management

-diabetes management

10. Jau(barley) ko chyakhla

-reduces risk of obesity and diabetes

-Contribute to bone health

-prevents from colorectal cancer

-reduces inflammation

B. Basuki Manushi Khadhya Udhyog:

This group is from Kirtipur-5 local Unit. They started their business with the help of family members and neighbors. The head of the group said that they are not able to increase their market beyond Kirtipur. The similar products which are available in big marts are adulterated, hence the price is low as well.

As they themselves do the farming and make the products, they guarantee that their products are of best quality.

The items available and the health benefits are:

  1. Pidhaalu ra maas ko masyaura or Taro Tubers+black gram beans chunks

-aids insomnia

-lowers cholesterol

-reduce risk of osteoporosis in menopausal women.

-enhances bone health and digestibility

-boosts heart health

  1. Lapsi ko dhulo or Nepali hog plum powder

-aids heart health

-aids scurvy

-lowers risk of kidney stones

-protects against cancer

-boosts immune system